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ProfilePrint Bags Pre-Series A Funding From Singapore, Japan Venture Capital Firms
January 6, 2021

SINGAPORE-BASED startup ProfilePrint has closed its “seven-figure” pre-Series A funding round. The funding round saw the participation of agrifood-focused venture capital (VC) firm Glocalink Singapore, Japan deep tech VC Leave-a-Nest and Enterprise Singapore’s investment arm Seeds Capital, and other strategic investors.

ProfilePrint raises 7-figure funding from seeds capital, others
January 7, 2021

The solution takes the form of a cloud-based platform with a portable analyzer. It allows stakeholders in the ingredient supply chain – ranging from growers, collectors, wholesalers, manufacturers, to retailers – to predict quality profiles without human intervention or destroying the sample, the firm said.

ProfilePrint’s AI Tool Predicts Quality Profile of a food sample “within seconds”, raises funding
january 6, 2021

The fresh financing will be used to bankroll developments of ProfilePrint’s patented technology, develop analysis solutions on its SaaS platform and expand its team. 

Co-founded in 2018 by Alan Lai and Rehan Amarasuriya, ProfilePrint has developed a technology to combine parameters and data into a digital fingerprint that predicts the quality profile of a food sample “within seconds”.

Virtual Tea, Coffee expo will feature food aI
June 24, 2020

“With a digital fingerprint, the seller cannot cheat buyers and give a good sample today, but eventually send sub-quality products. This will prevent a lot more disputes in the trade.”

Those who do not require such detailed scientific analysis can filter their preferences through general categories such as acidity, roast, sweetness and body for coffee.

Use of ‘Food Fingerprint’ technology at future tea & coffee Summit and Expo
June 23, 2020

The event uses ProfilePrint – a food ingredient analysis scanner that uses artificial intelligence “food fingerprinting” technology – since buyers will not be able to touch or taste products. It allows for rapid authentication and analysis of the ingredient – right down to its molecular structure – to make up its “fingerprint”.

CEMS and teapasar launch virtual tea & coffee summit and expo 2020
June 18, 2020

“Future Tea & Coffee Summit and Expo 2020 is a one-of-its-kind virtual show powered by ProfilePrint, a digital food standard based on rapid and non-destructive fingerprinting technology …”

The Future of F&B Events after covid-19 disruption
June 17, 2020

The upcoming Future Tea & Coffee Summit and Expo 2020 promises to present an enhanced and transformed tradeshow integrating new digital experiences… Aside from virtual networking and webinars for tea and coffee industry players, a key highlight of this show is ProfilePrint, a digital food standard based on rapid and non-destructive fingerprinting technology. This digital standard will enable buyers and sellers to ascertain the grade and quality of tea or coffee without the need for physical samples.

New Virtual Trade Show Seeks to Match Coffee and Tea Buyers, Sellers
June 16, 2020

Future Tea & Coffee 2020 is a powerful new platform that will enable its exhibitors and trade buyers to match, source and sell better, without the physical limitation of borders. This is especially important and relevant as the advent of Covid-19 has forced many companies and entire industries, to rethink and transform their global supply chain model.

From Fake Masks to Alcohol, Fake Goods in Malaysia are Putting Lives in Danger
May 27, 2020

As law enforcers and counterfeiters continue to play cat and mouse, however, one company is developing a scanner that it thinks is the key to outsmarting at least some counterfeiters.

The machine, dubbed ProfilePrint, uses artificial intelligence to authenticate products within seconds. It was developed in collaboration with Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research and the National University of Singapore.

Undercover Asia: Dangerous Fakes
Apr 25, 2020

Counterfeiting syndicates are no longer just faking handbags and luxury items. They are now gunning for everyday products you use and consume –  from health supplements to cosmetics, fever pills to hard liquor. 

Food for Thought: Technology Tackling Food Trends
Jan 21, 2020

The Grocery Manufacturers Association estimates that food adulteration costs the global food industry approximately US$10 to 15 billion per year. 

These are all problems that ProfilePrint is addressing. The company does this through its eponymous ProfilePrint technology, a portable IoT scanner that uses chemometrics and A.I. to identify, grade and authenticate tea as well as other food products. Without having to powderise or otherwise manipulate the tea samples, ProfilePrint can determine its chemical fingerprint and match it against its database to identify its origin, production method and even harvest season.

Tech firm’s plant-based scanner works to a tea
July 19, 2019

Local start-up teapasar has devised a faster and more economic way to authenticate and identify plant-based food and drink.

The food-tech company’s ProfilePrint portable scanner was unveiled on Friday (July 19) at the Singapore Tea Festival at Jewel Changi Airport.

Your Money Monday

July 29, 2019

Local food tech start-up teapasar has developed a commercial portable device that is faster and cheaper to identify the authenticity of a plant-based food and drink – such as tea, herbs and spices. Alan Lai, Co-Founder & Executive Director of teapasar shares more.

How to CSI Your Tea: ‘Fingerprint’ authenticity technology aims to revolutionise sector October 10, 2018

New Singaporean retail-tech startup teapasar aims to use unique new ‘tea-fingerprinting’ technology revolutionise the way the world buys and consumes their tea.


Teapasar platform fights fraud, links growers with consumers
September 05, 2018

Teapasar will offer access to hundreds of uniquely identified teas, including rare exclusive blends, giving the tea community a peace of mind thanks to its fingerprinting technology and machine-learning predictions. Its co-founder Alan Lai hopes it will become “the sanctuary for all tea lovers and merchants.


New Test ensures Tea Transparency
October 22, 2018

This is a true and welcome innovation that may be a pivotal addition to the flood of first-rate work in tea science and biotech, supply chain integration and transparency. It also signals the value of collaborations. Perhaps it will soon be a necessity, among tea growers, packagers and sellers with biotech, software and food science specialists. Innovation hubs provide models and Teapasar an example of the avenues open to small firms.

Biotransformation: The secret sauce of organic-based, multi-billion dollar industries March 13, 2019

Singapore-founded tea marketplace Teapasar, for instance, has developed a technology called ProfilePrint with the National University of Singapore’s Food Science and Technology Program and ASTAR’s Biotrans that can identify the origin, terroir, cultivar, and harvest date of tea leaves. The company uses ProfilePrint to fight tea fraud.


For the perfect Cuppa, tech firm’s scanner leaves nothing to chance

July 20, 2019

Local start-up teapasar has devised a faster and more economical way to authenticate and identify plant-based food and drink.

The food-tech’s ProfilePrint portable scanner was unveiled yesterday at the Singapore Tea Festival, held at Jewel Changi Airport.

SGsme article on ProfilePrint
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Tea Lovers find their perfect match with teapasar’s tech

September 24, 2018

Teapasar is a Singapore-founded tea marketplace where independent tea brands and plantations can easily reach tea drinkers around the world.

With ProfilePrint, it scans the organic composition of the tea leaves to create a unique fingerprint for each product, which serves as the basis of Teapasar’s Taste Map.

November 20, 2018


January 31, 2019

人类有生命图谱和基因检测,谁能想到茶叶也会有“指纹”?新加坡的一家公司就在近期让这件事变成了现实,他们创立的线上平台tea pasar为茶叶提供了独一无二的身份标识,而顾客恰好可以通过这种方式,进一步确认和锁定目标,完成“配对”。